...Public Sector Organisations

SINNOTT Learning Solutions can help you use the most appropriate and informative intelligence to move your organisation forward and improve outcomes for your local community. It is developed to support you in a number of ways:

  • Helping organisations learn. By using good needs assessment along with robust evaluation of initiatives and performance, we can help your organisation to plan and discover its own way of improving service outcomes.
  • Helping partners learn. Our area of particular expertise is with schools and Education data. We can help you analyse and explore strengths and weaknesses to plan service needs and intervention. We can also deliver support direct to schools that need it most in relation to using schools data for planning and self-evaluation. We can deliver any of our services for schools on a wider LA basis to reduce cost and standardise an approach.
  • Learning for your self. Through coaching and mentoring we help staff teams to develop the skills necessary to lead change and improvements within their organisation